Cybersecurity Training

With the daily increasing cyber-attacks all over the world. There has never been a better time to empower yourself with cybersecurity knowledge and skills than now. We live in an era where our daily lives are dependent on digital technology for almost everything we do. Take time and reflect about all the things you do every day with the help of your phone, computer or other digital devices and online platforms.
Equip yourself today through personalized Individual or Group Cybersecurity Training in any of the following areas.

  • Applied Cybersecurity Training (ACST) for individuals or Groups/Employees
  • Corporate Executives Cybersecurity Training (CECST)
  • Home and Kids Online Safety Training (HKOST)
  • Essential Cybersecurity Awareness Training (ECSAT)
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Awareness Training (ACSAT)

Contact me to discuss how best to personalise your Individual or Group Training experience.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Equipping you with the essential Cybersecurity skills needed to lead and protect your organization most valuable IT Assets.

Data Protection

Training you on how to utilize existing tools and policies to restrict access to the data as well as protect sensitive information from damage, loss, or corruption.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Training you on how to identify, remediate, and investigate cybersecurity incidents. Digital Forensics trains you to examine system data, user activity, and other pieces of digital evidence to determine if an attack is in progress and who may be behind it. Incident Response, on the other hand, trains you to prepare for, detect, contain, and recover from a data breach.

Strategy and Policy Development

Training you on how to develop a strategy and action it using organization policies to achieve your goals.

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